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Thriving Kids, Families and Communities in the Age of Technology.


HTC Community Call

Friday,  June 21,


9:30am PT on Zoom

"How do I engage my

local community?"

Reviewing last year's learnings,

planning for the next!

Our youth are suffering the greatest mental health epidemic in recorded history, caused by addictive social technology that isolates us from ourselves, each other and nature.


Do you feel alone in navigating the complex challenges of screens, social media, and smartphones?


Join our movement of parents, educators, researchers, and child advocates taking coordinated action to address the underlying crisis of disconnection from ourselves, our families and communities.  Together, we can create healthy environments for our children to thrive in. 

You can begin by dropping into one of our Community Calls, or gather some of your friends and colleagues and move into action with our HTC Parent Group Starter Guide.

We need you; we need each other! 

We are more powerful together!


For Parents

What can you do to make things better today?

For a long time, you've felt that your child's screen use is out of balance, or you're a parent of a younger child and want to prepare yourself for what's coming.  Either way, what can you do?  The good news - you are not alone.  Together we can change things for the better today. Here's how!

Discover educational and practical tools in our Library of Resources, sign up for our monthly Community Support Call, take the HTC pledge and learn about our HTC Groups.



For Educators

You witness first hand how kids are increasingly distracted, anxious, tired, and insecure managing their blurred social lives on and offline.  You're not alone - let's do something about it together.

Join our monthly Community Support call, where ideas and resources are exchanged freely among parents, educators and activists, or connect with our partner organizations that want to help you create an optimal learning environment for your students.  If you have specific questions or ideas, please drop us a line - your voice is needed!  We’re excited to hear from you.


For t(w)eens

Ultimately, this is all about you.  Make your voice heard.

We know you’re experiencing social technologies and their impacts head on.  You understand the positive aspects of what social tech can do in your lives - and you know the downsides: Cyberbullying. Anxiety. Depression. Sextortion. Doom scrolling. 


So, YOU are the experts in how this is shaping your lives.  How can we help you find your voice and take a stand?  Whether it is bringing the issues to your school council, forming an action group during your homeroom period, or creating a phone-free teen night, we believe in your leadership!  The adults in your life are here for you and want you to succeed with healthy alternatives powered by YOU.

Here is a way you can begin the conversation with your parents and adults.  We need your voice! - drop us a line


We want to hear from you

Do you have a question, an idea, or a suggestion? 

HTC is only as powerful, honest and alive as the conversations we're having!

Let us know a little bit about who you are (parent, educator, t(w)een, etc.), and what you care about!

Thanks for submitting!

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