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The Movement's Beginning


Heed the Children (HTC) is a Leap Forward initiative led by the core value of Integrated Cooperation.  Adapted from the non-profit Leap Forward community and founded by Ronit Herzfeld, Integrated Cooperation is a new way of caring for one another where individuals freely share their diverse resources, gifts and talents, in service of the highest good - our children’s healthy development.  HTC began with parents pained by the reality of our children in harm's way due to the damaging impacts of social technology.  We observed how parents, children, educators, communities, researchers and organizations are isolated, disconnected, overwhelmed, with inadequate resources to respond to the complex issues of navigating technology in an informed, coherent, and organized way. 

Based on our experiences from past Leap Forward initiatives, we saw the need to create a diverse, caring community that can effectively address this crisis of disconnection.  Like you, we come from all walks of life and deeply care about our children. Our intention is to bring together parents, educators, administrators, activists, artists and researchers to work together and address this issue that is larger than any single one of us.  We're curating a coalition of experts to develop and deploy optimal resources to support our ongoing virtual and in-person events for districts, counties, individual schools, and local parent groups across the country to form responses unique to their needs.  We’re passionate about empowering our communities and supporting our children to develop self-esteem, curiosity, critical thinking, healthy social and peer interactions, and a connection with nature. 

Meet the Team

Driven by care for our children, curiosity, and the courage to believe in the power of community, we've embarked on this journey together!

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